Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD (Unlimited Money) Latest Version 2020

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Men Assassin’s Creed Identity is an action-adventure video game developed by Blue Byte and released by Ubisoft. And so far it’s been downloaded over 1,000,000+ occasions. And it is readily available for both android and ios users.

Introduce about Assassin’s Creed Identity

As you can see, despite being a paid game, countless matches have been offered (such as Android only). A pretty amazing variety, right? In the following guide, we will discover some interesting details regarding this game.

— Select a CLASS: Choose between Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief
— CUSTOMIZE your own Assassins: Use loot, choose your outfits and weapons like epic swords and the iconic hidden blade.
— Create your Assassin EVOLVE from NOVICE to MASTER!


— Experience the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Run, jump, climb and feel the thrill of this jump of faith on your mobile screen!
— Achieve an infinity of QUESTS, unlock new locations and countless items.
— PLAY HOW YOU WANT TO with simple tap-to-move, dual virtual stick controls or with a gamepad.

— Every place you see in the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE will be an open map for you to explore: Santa Croce Area at Firenze, the Colosseum place in Roma etc..

**ASSASSIN’S CREED** is one of the hottest franchise of all time.


The very first part of Assassin’s Creed Identity takes place at the Italian capital Rome of A Murder of Crows. Here, you will be looking for the individual who stole the mysterious chest that Assassin lost during transportation to Papal Forces. This is really a challenging endeavor, but by developing your personality, through meetings and chatting with different NPCs, you’ll receive assist.

assassins-creed-identity-mod-guards-never-attack (2)


The actions within this game are rather interesting, occasionally you have to seek out items or rob them in the guards. Sometimes, you transport items to various locations. It attracts exciting rewards, the material in the script will slowly be unlocked for you to explore. Italy is only a small part of the story that took place throughout the Renaissance. Forli and Montreal will shortly be introduced as you pass on the distinctive stages.

In terms of the control, Assassin’s Creed Identity has a layout similar to the first Assassin game. You utilize the D-Pad to navigate the personality. He can jump over barriers, even climb on walls. The action buttons are situated on the right display, they can be used separately to perform a skill or mix to create special combos.

Though Assassin is strong, occasionally direct fighting isn’t necessary. You can approach the guards covertly. Then, once the space is close enough, the Hidden Blade icon will appear for you to execute an assassination. However, when the enemy detects your presence, he’ll signal to telephone for different teammates to assist. You know, an Assassin should understand how to kill in the dark.

You will find four Assassin courses in this sport, such as Berserker, Shadowblade, Trickster and Thief. Each class has another development direction, at precisely the exact same time they possess special fighting skills and various appearances.

In the event you choose Berserker, you can stun opponents and attack multiple targets at the same moment. I really like the Assassin of the class only because they have the highest damage in 4 classes of the sport. They use bombs as weapons and it will cause the opponent to bleed to death. Trickster differs. They have the capability to disguise and create enemies perplexed, or unrecognizable. The weapon that Trickster uses can also be a bomb, but it’s a timer. You are able to trap the enemy and make it impossible for them to know who kill their guard.

Thief is a distinctive class. It is not accessible when you first join this match. Whenever you have the potential and the bonus, you are able to unlock it at the Heroic Shop.

Assassin’s Creed Identity has really excellent 3D graphics. Throughout the context, the developer has recreated the ancient features of the Italian renaissance. Buildings, arenas, tall buildings to individual costumes and culture show up in a real way.

Over this, the interaction within this sport is clearly shown. When your character collides with someone, they might fall, even get angry and complain about the carelessness you have only caused. The sound effects are collected from reality, the noise of weapons touching each other, the pain of these guards when Assassin kill them. You will soon be immersed in this images history, immersed in this game and do not wish to head out.

MOD APK version of Assassin’s Creed Identity

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Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD features

Easy Game: The Bots in this game won’t strike you. Due to this, you can prepare more carefully before actually going into the fight. Also, thanks to this MOD attribute, you can explore the game’s script deeply and quicker. The problem is continually increasing but possibly the MOD APK variant we provide can assist you to breathe easier when confronting enemies from the game.

What is New in Current Update

We support iPhone X too! Download today!
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Have fun!
Your Assassin’s Creed Identity Team


Get the match for 60%!


Dear Assassins!

To celebrate the release of the Assassin’s Creed movie we aren’t only bringing you new equipment and chests. Additionally, appreciate our 4 weeks special event for an opportunity to win the renowned Benedicto and Aguilar outfits!

Collect the newest gear from the Spanish Inquisition comprising more than 100 new weapons and armor!

New Relic chests will provide you a chance to win color variations of the Spanish Novice, Benedicto and Aguilar outfits.

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Your Own Assassin’s Creed Identity Team


We regularly bring you updates and new features to enhance your experience. Have fun!

Ahoy, Assassins!

Get your mitts on the Pirate Update and feast your eyes on new booty. Participate now and get cool new pirate gear including the legendary Kenway outfit and set for greatest swagger!

More updates:

— Added brand new outfits and things such as eyepatches with XP promotes!
— Check out which gear other Assassins are utilizing.
— Reset your profile to restart this match.
— We adjusted the balancing and enhanced the forge.
— Many other fixes and enhancements.
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Your Assassin’s Creed Identity Team


Attention Assassins!

The Leaderboards are still here! It’s time to find out who is the best Assassin in Renaissance Italy.


— Hall of Fame: List of leading players of every position. Watch your position and compare it with your friends, and the world
— Earn Event Points and scale the Event Leaderboard for Fantastic rewards
— New items and outfits
— Hero Token bundles and lockpicks are now available in the shop
— Many other developments
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What User’s Say About Assassin’s Creed Identity Mod Apk

I like the game controls aren’t as bad as they make it out too be. They’re though touchy did get a connection error no it is not my end I have high speed after in the forge after when animus was synchronizing. After the contract transfering thingy. Over all good game graphics are fairly good. Otherwise awesome. Menus are easy enough. I did find going to choices turn down sensitivity assisted alot it’s images intenstive.charge so your mobile phone.

Alright game. A mobile game for fellow Assassins pretty great so much done 4 missions and that I enjoy. A fantastic fix would use the right side of your screen for camera only & the left side for movement rather than touching everywhere automatically moves you.

I really liked the game but I’d like there to be free missions because at the present time there’s similar to 10 (or less) which are free then you need to purchase more missions. I like the images that I think that they are pretty good for cellular.

Features Of Assassin’s Creed Identity Mod Apk

  • Infinite Money
  • Guards Never Strike
  • No Ads

Download Assassin Creed Mod APK

Name Assassin’s Creed Identity
Package com.ubisoft.assassinscreed.identity
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Action
Version 2.8.3_007 (Latest)
Size 69M
MOD Features Easy Game
Requires Android 4.1


How to Install Assassin Creed Mod Apk

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall the existing Assassin’s Creed Identity Game out of the smartphone.
  2. After downloading the Assassin’s Creed Identity mod apk file, go to your Android Settings > Security.
  3. Here, turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ ‘ option which requests to allow permission for installing third-party programs. Enable it.
  4. Now, return to the download folder and then click the Assassin’s Creed Identity Mod APK file to start the installation.
  5. Appreciate!

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